Champion Bloodlines Make Great Chessies!


by Tamara

Dog Breeders

Fraud Warning !!

I have recently been made aware of an imposter using my 'great chessies'
reputation and selling unknown puppies as if they were mine. If you see 
any marketing materials, emails, sites other than this site... 

It is not MY Great Chessies. I only advertise on: and

CALL THIS NUMBER  865-257-1045  



Puppy Guarantee

Charlie... Hard at work and play.

My husband and I purchased our female Chessie from Tamara in March 2008. Her name is Cruiser and she is such a joy in our lives. She is a very sweet and loving dog. She has lots of energy and loves to run, swim and retrieve. We constantly get compliments about how beautiful she is. I would definitely recommend purchasing your Chessie from Tamara.  

​**Reviewer: Jo, April 21, 2009


I will guarantee this Chesapeake Bay
Retriever to have been vaccinated as necessary to protect against canine distemper, hepatitis, adenovirus cough, parainfluenza, parovirus, coronavirus,and letosprirosis. Our chessies are dewormed every 2 weeks up until the date of new ownership.  Dewclaws will be removed and will receive monthly heart worm treatment. **

Your Chessies will be vet checked and cleared as a happy, healthy puppy before arriving at their new home!!

The Chessie Club

Please make sure to provide your email address and send lots of photos of you and your new Chessie. 

Owner History

My name is Tamara Judd-Burnett and I have been raising champion bloodline Chesapeake Bay Retrievers for over 9 years.  I have had many go on to be great hunters and just as many to be great family pets. I enjoy raising this breed, they are smart, obedient and a loving breed to work with.

our partners

I have worked with Delta Airlines on many deliveries all with great success.

Puppy PArents say...


 Transporting your new Chessie can be scheduled a minimum of 8 weeks old and we will work with you to deliver your new Chessie in the most convenient and healthy way possible.

Obedience Training

is a must 

for years of 


with your Chessie.

Ask about our Training!!

We take great pride in raising well socialized Chessies

with excellent temperaments. Our Great Chessies' are consistently well behaved around children and animals.   

Please call for an appointment to visit us.